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Examples of Critical Hearing Testimony

  • Published: May 29, 2014

A Social Security Disability Lawyer In Ocala Gives Examples Of Hearing Testimony

In this blog, a Social Security disability lawyer in Ocala discusses how you can help your case as you testify at your hearing.

Getting The Facts

If you are to win your case, there are some vital facts that you and your Ocala Social Security disability attorney must establish at the hearing. Essentially, it’s all in the details.

An Example

Assuming that a fictional claimant’s impairment fails to meet the listing, the SSA may take into account how old the claimant is, their level of schooling and prior work experience in order to determine whether or not the claimant can function in a sedentary job. If they cannot, the likelihood of the claimant’s being declared disabled increases.

This does not mean that the claimant cannot accomplish ordinary household tasks from day to day. Rather, the claimant must be able to work routinely and carry on with such tasks as are required on an extended basis in order to meet the demands of even a desk-bound position. To avoid a denial based on the claimant’s daily activities, the attorney must demonstrate that the claimant cannot continue to perform them on a protracted, week-long basis.

For example, if the claimant is able to take mile-long walks two times per week, this must be brought forward. However, it should be made clear whether or not the walk is continuous or intermittent with rest periods, the quickness of the pace, and whether or not the claimant was instructed to do so by a doctor as part of his physical therapy.

You Have An Ally

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