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General Information About the Hearing Room

  • Published: June 21, 2011

Unlike the formal rooms that are characteristic of courthouses, Social Security hearing rooms are just small conference rooms. They sometimes have an American flag or the seal of the Social Security Administration in the way of official trappings.

As with any other type of meeting room, they always have a large conference table. There will also be a desk that will sit slightly above the level of the main conference table; this is the judge’s desk. An optional addition is a small desk for the judge’s assistant, who will otherwise sit at the main conference table.

Because every hearing is recorded, every Social Security hearing room is equipped with audio recording devices. In order to ensure that the recording made is understandable, you should always speak clearly when answering questions. As the microphones that are used are sensitive, you do not have to speak any more loudly than is needed for the judge to hear you. The sensitivity of the microphones is limited to the auditory cues that you express, though; any non-verbal cues that you give, such as gestures, pointing, or shaking your head, will not be picked up, so you should state what you are doing aloud.  In addition, you should avoid using sounds like “nuh uh” for “no” or “uh huh” for “yes,” as they are not always clearly picked up for the recording.

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