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What Your Ocala Disability Lawyer Can Do at Your Hearing

  • Published: June 21, 2011

Most of the work that your Ocala disability attorney will do for you will consist of building your case in preparation for the hearing. On the legal side of things, this means preparing you and any other witnesses for testimony at the hearing as well as doing research into the law and the outcomes of similar cases. In terms of the medical part of your case, your Ocala disability attorney may look at scientific literature pertaining to your health issues, gather records, and obtain statements from your doctors.

An experienced Ocala disability lawyer will prepare you well enough so that you can do most of the talking at the Social Security disability hearing. At a hearing, it is best if your testimony is natural and flows freely from you rather than being prompted by your Ocala disability lawyer. The more you are able to speak, the more information you will be able to present to the judge about yourself and your situation. In addition, if you are not prompted too much by your Ocala disability lawyer, the judge can be sure that the testimony is authentically yours.

Of course, there may be times when your Ocala disability lawyer will ask you to explain something that you said further for the benefit of the judge. In addition, it is your Ocala disability lawyer’s job to ask questions of any witnesses you bring along to the hearing and of any expert witnesses called by the judge. A well-presented and organized case does not normally require a closing argument from your Ocala disability attorney, though one may be presented if it is needed.

In order to be well-prepared for a hearing, you will need the help of a qualified Ocala disability attorney. Fill out the claim evaluation form on this page for a free consultation with CJ Henry.

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