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How the Social Security Administration Evaluates Back Pain Claims

  • Published: December 11, 2012

In filing a successful Social Security disability claim for back pain, your Ocala disability attorney needs to address the various factors that the Social Security Administration will consider.

Evaluation of Back Pain

Back pain is generally one of the most difficult disabilities to prove to the SSA because there are no objective findings that confirm the pain you are experiencing is real. As such, it is very important for your Ocala disability attorney to provide sufficient evidence to help the SSA consider the various factors in determining whether to award you disability benefits.

Severity Factors

In determining whether your back pain is severe enough to warrant Social Security disability benefits, the SSA will consider the following factors:

  • Your credibility in describing your pain
  • The pain and symptoms you have described
  • The objective abnormalities associated with your back pain

Your Ocala disability attorney should make sure that your claim includes sufficient information regarding each of these factors.

Emotional Factors

The SSA also considers emotional factors related to low back pain claims, known as an emotional overlay. Certain cases of low back pain are so severe that they have an emotional effect on the suffering individual.  If your doctor determines that your back pain is severe and an emotional overlay explains the severity, your Ocala disability attorney should provide the SSA with sufficient evidence for a satisfactory explanation.

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