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How to Testify at a Social Security Disability Hearing: Good and Bad Days

  • Published: August 1, 2011

Sometimes claimants don’t know how to describe the severity of their impairment if they have good and bad days. Describing what your impairment is like on a bad day might feel like you’re exaggerating because your impairment is not that bad most of the time. Similarly, describing what your impairment is like on a good day might feel like you’re admitting you’re not really that disabled. However, having good and bad days is rather common of most disabilities, and the simple answer to this dilemma is to simply describe both.

However, there are a few extra things you need to include in the description of your symptoms if your disability has good and bad days. You will be asked how often you have bad days compared to how often you have good days. Also make sure you provide details about how often the symptoms of your disability change. It’s not enough to tell the judge about what your disability like on the very worst day and on the very best day. You need to be able to describe how fast your symptoms get better or worse, and how often your symptoms go from good to bad.

A detailed and specific answer to this question can greatly help your case and you should start keeping track of this information now. Consider keeping a journal about your impairment.

This becomes especially important at the hearing step of the appeals process. If you have been denied benefits and want to appeal your denial at a hearing, an Ocala Social Security disability attorney can guide you through issues like this. Call today for a free consultation with CJ Henry.

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