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The Importance of Your Testimony

  • Published: August 1, 2011

If you are considering applying for Social Security disability benefits, an Ocala disability attorney may be able to help you.  Here is some general advice regarding what to do at your hearing before the Administrative Law Judge.

The most critical aspect is that you tell the truth at your hearing. Don’t try to second-guess the questions asked by the judge or figure out what the best answer will be to help your case. Be honest about your abilities and limitations, because if the judge suspects that you aren’t telling the truth, you are more likely to lose. In addition, don’t play up your level of pain or disability to try to get more sympathy from the judge. You don’t need to suffer silently or act stronger than you are, but act honestly about how it affects you. If you need to take a break or stand up for a while, it is OK to ask the judge to do so.

You might think that because this is the government, the best strategy is to say as little as possible not volunteer any information. This might work if the government is trying to act against you, but in this case, you are trying to get something from the government, so you will need to provide enough facts and information to make it clear to the judge how you are disabled.

If you have more questions about what to say at your disability hearing, contact Ocala disability attorney Claudeth Henry.

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