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Ocala, FL Disability Attorneys Tell You What to Expect at Your SSD Hearing

  • Published: July 22, 2013

If you have filed a claim for Social Security disability, testifying at your hearing can be daunting. Experienced Ocala, FL disability attorneys can help.

What Will the Judge Ask Me?

As your Ocala, FL disability attorneys will explain, you can generally expect questioning in these areas:

  • employment history
  • education
  • medical history and list of current symptoms
  • your description of your work limitations
  • your day-to-day life

What Should I Say?

Your job is to tell the truth as fully as possible, in your own words. Do not try to guess the judge’s motives. Answer the questions you are asked in a forthright manner. Your Ocala, FL disability lawyers will counsel you not to embellish or be overly dramatic about your symptoms. However, if you are truly physically uncomfortable, tell the judge so. Your objective is to honestly tell your story about why you can’t work. If there is something you think the judge needs to know, this is your chance to tell him or her. Your Ocala, FL disability lawyers will likely tell you that it is better to err on the side of caution, providing too much information rather than too little.

What If I Can’t Remember?

Tell the truth. If you forget an exact date, tell the judge you do not remember.

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