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Pain, Pain, Go Away: How to Prove the Effects of Your Pain

  • Published: June 19, 2014

Chronic pain is a frequent claim made by Social Security disability claimants as any Ocala Social Security disability claim attorney knows. After all, most conditions that are so crippling they would prevent someone from working would also be expected to be significantly painful. However, basing a claim on claims of pain can be difficult because there is no scientifically objective measurement for pain.

How to Prove Your Pain

If you and your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer are able to establish that you have a medically-determinable impairment that causes you pain, the Social Security Administration will evaluate the intensity and persistence of your pain. The goal of asking this is to determine whether you would still be able to do any work. In making this determination, the SSA will review evidence including your medical findings and history, your own statements about your pain, and the statements of your treating physicians. If your doctors have offered medical opinions, the SSA will also take those into account. Your Ocala Social Security disability claim attorney will gather all the available evidence about your pain for the SSA.

Looking at the Big Picture

The SSA will consider several factors in evaluating your pain, including:

  • The location, duration and frequency of your pain;
  • How intense your pain is;
  • What is responsible for your pain and what makes it worse;
  • What medications you have taken to treat it and how effective they are;
  • Other remedies you have taken for pain relief, such as lying on your back or sleeping on a hard surface; and
  • Your day-to-day activities.

By regulation, because claims of pain are inherently subjective, the SSA is required to take into account limitations that you claim are disabling as long as the limitations you allege are consistent with objective medical evidence supplied by you or your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer. Do not be afraid to speak honestly about how disabling your pain is.

For more information on how to provide evidence for your claims of disability and chronic pain, contact an Ocala Social Security disability claim attorney. Call CJ Henry Law Firm, PLLC. Call 352.304.5300.

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