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Proving you cannot do sedentary work: Mental limitations

  • Published: March 7, 2012

Social Security disability claimants under the age of 50 typically must prove that they are incapable of performing most sedentary jobs. Mental and emotional problems, either alone or in conjunction with physical limitations, may severely restrict the sedentary jobs a claimant is capable of handling.

Sedentary jobs are the least physically strenuous types of work.  But they still require some ability to sit, stand, lift, carry, and manipulate objects.  As discussed in previous posts, significant limitations in these areas may lead to a finding of disabled.

In addition to physical abilities, all jobs, even sedentary jobs required certain mental abilities.  To be capable of performing any competitive, paid work, an individual must be able to:

  • Respond appropriately to supervisors, co-workers, and work pressures in a work setting.
  • Manage changes in a routine work setting.
  • Comprehend, remember, and carry out simple instructions.
  • Make simple work-related decisions.

A substantial loss of any of these abilities will seriously limit the number of unskilled sedentary jobs a person can do and justify a finding of disability.

If a claimant has some problems in any of these areas, but the problems do not amount to a substantial loss of the ability to perform these basic work activities, the claimant may or may not be disabled.  The administrative law judge or other decision maker will assess the claimant’s remaining capacities and make a judgment as to their effects on his or her ability to hold down a job.

Ocala disability lawyer CJ Henry can work with your doctor to identify all the physical and mental limitations that may affect your ability to perform a sedentary job.  She will help you gather the evidence and present it persuasively to the Social Security Administration. Contact experienced Ocala Social Security disability attorney Claudeth J. Henry for a free evaluation of your claim.

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