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Reasons to Maintain a Diary of Disability

  • Published: July 10, 2014

Your ability to successfully pursue your Social Security disability case depends significantly on how well you respond to your Ocala Social Security disability attorney during your hearing. Your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer will ask you questions about the symptoms that you have experienced and the limitations imposed on you. While you might be able to recall information regarding your limitations, it might be harder for you to recount specific details without the assistance of a written recording. Here are some reasons that creating a diary can assist you with your testimony.

Quality of Testimony

The accuracy and quality of your testimony can be heightened with the assistance of a diary. Additionally, a diary can help you recall specifics about the symptoms that you experience and side effects that transpire over a longer period of time.

Preserving Information

When you begin the process of applying for benefits, your Ocala Social Security disability attorney can explain that there will probably be a long delay between your application and the hearing date. A diary can help preserve information that you might forget.

Type of Diary

Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney can explain that the diary that you create does not have to be elaborate. It can be a simple calendar that you record information on. However, you may prefer to use a diary that is meant to record information that is related to your disability. Therefore, you can establish a history of occurrences and other information as it transpires, making it more reliable for the Social Security Administration to believe.

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