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Residual Functional Capacity

  • Published: August 14, 2014

A key component in determining your eligibility to collect disability benefits is a review of your residual functional capacity and your ability to adapt to new, unskilled work. An Ocala Florida Social Security disability attorney can tell you that this is important as an ability to perform such work may invalidate your claim for benefits.

Unskilled Work Explained

Generally, an Ocala Florida Social Security disability attorney can explain to you that unskilled work involves performing simple duties that can be learned on the job in a relatively short time (typically 30 days or less). Unskilled work also usually requires little or no judgment. An Ocala Florida Social Security disability attorney will tell you that if you have the mental ability to perform some unskilled work, the Social Security Administration will likely try to deny your claim for benefits as you are considered able to work. However, if an Ocala Florida Social Security disability attorney is able to help prove that you have an impairment that hinders your ability to perform unskilled work, you likely will be awarded disability benefits. To meet this standard, you generally need to have a substantial loss of the ability to perform basic work-related activities on a sustained basis.

Mental Activities Required of Unskilled Labor

The mental activities generally required for unskilled work as seen by an Ocala Florida Social Security disability attorney include:

  • Responding to co-workers and supervisors
  • Handling changes to your work routine
  • Understanding and carrying out basic work instructions
  • Making simple work decisions.

Factors to Determine Your Residual Functional Capacity

Some factors that an Ocala Florida Social Security disability lawyer will use to help determine your ability to carry out some basic work duties include:

  • Medical history
  • Effect of treatment on your condition
  • Your daily activities
  • Evidence by witnesses like your friends and colleagues
  • Typical symptoms of the impairment
  • Work evaluations

Contact an Ocala Florida Social Security Disability Lawyer

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