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Substantial Gainful Activity: An SSA Disability Determination Factor

  • Published: March 30, 2013

When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, one of the preliminary factors that the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers in determining whether you are eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits is whether you are engaged in substantial gainful activity.

To determine substantial gainful activity, the SSA evaluates the claimant’s wages and the nature of his or her medical condition.  An Ocala, Florida Social Security attorney will help you determine whether you are engaged in substantial gainful activity.

What Is Substantial Gainful Activity?

Substantial gainful activity is determined by how much the claimant is earning per month while applying for Social Security disability benefits. As of 2013, if a claimant earns more than $1,040 in a month, he or she is engaged in substantial gainful activity and will be ineligible for disability benefits. If the claimant is blind, the amount is substantially higher, set at $1,740.

An Ocala, Florida Social Security attorney can help determine the claimant’s substantial gainful activity limit prior to filing a claim.

Purpose of the Substantial Gainful Activity Factor

The purpose of monitoring and evaluating a claimant’s ability to engage in and perform substantial gainful activity is to encourage disabled individuals to continue working or attempt to go back to work once they are able to. Many disabled individuals fear that any attempt to work will disqualify or end their disability benefits. They might fear that if their attempt at working is unsuccessful, they will be left without an income and with no disability benefits to financially survive on.

But it is highly advised that before a claimant attempts to go back to work, or if they are working and plan on filing for disability benefits, to first consult with an Ocala, Florida Social Security attorney to determine whether their income will be below the level set by the SSA so as not to jeopardize their current disability benefits or interfere with their ability to qualify for benefits.

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