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Your Credibility: How Inconsistent Statements Can Hurt Your Disability Claim

  • Published: March 30, 2013

One of the most important factors in the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) disability determination is whether your statements are consistent. This is precisely why you should consult with a Florida disability lawyer prior to filing your claim and getting adequate help to prepare your application.

Florida disability lawyer

The disability examiner will evaluate the consistency of your statements in describing your pain and other symptoms in your application for benefits, to your doctors, and to anyone else you speak with. If the disability examiner finds any inconsistent statements, it will be a red flag that you are being untruthful about your medical impairment and/or the extent of your pain and symptoms.

As such, your Florida disability lawyer will advise you to be honest in every statement that you make about your pain or other symptoms regardless of who you are talking to or providing information to.

In determining whether you are being truthful about your condition, the disability examiner will look at the following factors:

– The consistency of your statements with other information in your Social Security disability file
– The consistency of your own statements made to various individuals and health care providers
– The consistency of your statements with your own medical records, medical findings and medical examinations

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