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The Non-ExertionalLimitations Set by the Vocational Guidelines

  • Published: March 9, 2013

Some individuals do not meet theexertional limitations—which include the ability to sit, stand and walk—outlined in the Vocational Guidelines established by the Social Security Administration (SSA)to qualify them for Social Security disability benefits. In such cases, yourSocial Security attorney in Ocala, Florida will need to prove to the SSA that you still qualify for disability benefits based on your non-exertional limitations.

The Non-ExertionalLimitations Set by the Vocational Guidelines

What Are Non-Exertional Limitations?

The SSA defines non-exertional limitations as those restrictions that will limit the individual’s capacity to meet the “non-strength” demands of jobs. These are all physical limitations and restrictions that are set forth in exertional limitations under the Vocational Guidelines, also known as the “the grid.”

Examples of non-exertional limitations include:

– Postural limitations

– Visual impairments

– The inability to communicate

– Limitations of mental capacity

Since each case is unique in its set of facts, the SSA disability examiner will need to use the grid as a framework or guideline in determining whether the claimant is disabled and should be awarded Social Security disability benefits.

If the claimant needs to prove his or her case by establishing non-exertional limitations, it is imperative that he or she enlists the help of an experienced Social Security attorney in Ocala, Florida who is familiar with exactly what the disability examiner is looking for.

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