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Tips for Giving Video Depositions in Your Marietta Personal Injury Case

  • Published: November 11, 2011

Deposition is one of the last stages of the discovery process before your Marietta personal injury case goes to trial. During deposition, you will be required to testify under oath. This will help the defense attorney in your case determine how you will come across in your testimony at trial; if you perform well, a higher settlement offer could be made. Also, anything you say at your deposition can be used to impeach you at trial if you later testify to something inconsistent with your deposition testimony.

Many depositions are videotaped, and there are certain considerations that must be made for a videotaped deposition versus one that is not videotaped. In this article, Marietta personal injury attorney Michael Braun will explain some of these considerations.

Look at the Camera
The camera in a deposition will typically show only your head and shoulders. It will rarely show other people in the room, including the attorney who is questioning you. This can get boring for anyone watching the video, but this is especially so if you are looking off-screen the whole time. If you look directly into the camera, you will develop more of an intimacy with the person watching the video, and you will seem more trustworthy as a result.

This does not mean that you should not look at the attorney when listening to the question you are asked. It is important to pay careful attention so you answer exactly the question that is being answered—nothing more, nothing less. However, when it comes time to answer, be sure you are looking at the camera.

Sit Correctly
Because the videotape of your deposition will mostly be a “talking head” video, it can be kind of boring, and viewers may be easily distracted by things you do during your deposition testimony. If you are squirming in your chair or rocking in it, you will be distracting from the actual testimony you are giving. Think of how a television newscaster sits. They do not slouch or do distracting things with their hands. This is what you should strive to be like during your deposition.

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