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What to Expect at the Consultative Examination

  • Published: February 2, 2013
What to Expect at the Consultative Examination

If you recently applied for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration (SSA), your Ocala disability lawyers will likely review with you the possibility of a consultative examination. A consultative examination is one performed by an SSA-approved physician for purposes of determining the depth and magnitude of your medical condition. The SSA has ultimate discretion to approve or deny benefits, but places great weight on the reports of the physician performing the consultative examination.

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Cost of the Exam

The consultative examination is performed at no cost to the applicant. This is also true for the preparation of reports and charts remitted from the doctor to the SSA. The SSA makes an effort to schedule consultative examinations in close geographic proximity to the applicant’s home. However, if the applicant must travel a great distance to attend the examination, the SSA will reimburse travel expenses. Your Ocala disability lawyers will communicate with the SSA regarding this issue and will make certain you are not required to expend your own money for the exam.

What to Expect

The purpose of the consultative examination is to supplement an application for benefits that may be incomplete or missing medical records. As such, it is not always necessary for the doctor to perform a lengthy examination. Some applicants are only missing certain test results or a small amount of information. Other applicants are missing a medical record entirely, requiring the examining physician to perform extensive tests. If the disability relates to mental health, a psychiatrist may perform tests as well.

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