Back Pain Evidence

Subjective Evidence and Your Credibility   Your Ocala Social Security disability attorney knows that objective evidence is important in any back injury case, but also knows that the Social Security Administration (SSA) must take into account subjective evidence such as your medical history, your Read more →

Evaluation of Back Pain Cases

The problem mentioned most frequently by Social Security disability applicants is low back pain resulting from a back injury. The challenge is to prove that your pain is real and disabling.   SSA Consideration of Back Pain Evidence The SSA will examine three factors when determining the severity Read more →

Claimants under 50: Proving you cannot do sedentary work

Standing, walking, and sitting limitations If you are under the age of 50, you will probably need to convince the Social Security Administration that you cannot perform most sedentary jobs to win benefits.  Evidence of limitations in your ability to perform the specific functions required by sedentary Read more →

Evaluating Chiropractic Evidence in Social Security Disability Cases

An experienced Florida Social Security disability attorney will tell you that the Social Security Administration differentiates between evidence from “acceptable” medical sources and “other” medical sources. You may be surprised to learn that chiropractors appear on the list of “other” medical Read more →