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Social Security Disability

  • Published: August 1, 2014

Ocala disabaility attorney Mental Impairments and Poor Stress Tolerance For some individuals with mental impairments, their disorder manifests itself as poor stress tolerance. Such an individual may feel utter terror over issues that for a non-disabled person causes little or no stress at all. Mental impairments are often challenging to prove, however, so you may wish to work with an Ocala disability attorney, particularly if your initial application has been denied. Poor Stress Tolerance as a Mental Impairment It is important for those who do not possess mental impairments to be understanding rather than judgmental toward those who suffer from disorders of this kind. There is a cavalier attitude among some people that a person with a mental impairment is…Read More

  • Published: July 31, 2014

The Kind Of Testimony A Claimant Will Give In A Social Security Disability Hearing When preparing to testify in their Social Security disability hearing, clients of a disability lawyer in Ocala often ask what kind of testimony they'll have to give. A Disability Attorney In Ocala Will Explain What Kind Of Testimony Will Be Given The attorney or administrative law judge (ALJ) will ask the following kinds of questions: 1) What is your work history, and what types of jobs have you had over the previous 15 years? 2) What is your education, and how high a level did you achieve? 3) What is your medical history? 4) What symptoms are you suffering from, and how much pain are you…Read More

  • Published: July 31, 2014

If you are applying for disability benefits, our Social Security disability lawyer in Ocala can help you understand your responsibilities in order to strengthen your case. Journaling Your Daily Activities Your Social Security disability attorney in Ocala might want you to journal your daily symptoms in order to clearly document your difficulties. Your lawyer might decide to use a journal or a calendar in court as evidence. In some cases, a daily diary can track your activities, so you can provide detailed information if you need to testify. Even if your attorney does not present the diary, the documentation will present a clear picture of your struggles as they relate to your disability and give your attorney a better understanding…Read More

  • Published: July 29, 2014

One of the challenges that a social security disability lawyer in Ocala has is coming up with questions to ask the vocational expert to narrow his or her testimony regarding potential employment opportunities. When you must alternate between sitting and standing, your social security disability lawyer in Ocala will probably ask a variety of questions to determine how this limitation may change your job performance. Potential Questions Here are several questions that your social security disability attorney in Ocala may ask the vocational expert? Have the jobs that you stated as permitting alternate sitting and standing been classified as "light" or "sedentary" in the Dictionary of Occupational Titles? For the jobs that are considered "light," do they require standing and…Read More

  • Published: July 24, 2014

When preparing for a Social Security disability case, clients often wonder what happens at the initial meeting with their Ocala disability lawyer. What a Good Ocala Disability Attorney Will Do at the First Meeting Your lawyer will help you understand all the nuances of the Social Security disability hearing and prepare you for what will happen at the hearing. The first step will be when your appointment is scheduled. The lawyer might have a talk with you over the telephone asking that you answer a series of questions. The first meeting will be scheduled with potential deadlines in mind and the best possible time for you. Your Ocala Disability Lawyer Will Tell You What You Should Bring Your Social Security information…Read More

  • Published: July 23, 2014

Handling potential issues that can come up regarding vocation is one of the main methods that an Ocala social security disability lawyer can help claimants through the process. When past relevant work is a matter before the administrative law judge, a vocational expert will usually testify. Potential Problems Your Ocala social security disability lawyer can explain that your past relevant work may cause the vocational expert to determine that you are still capable of performing this work even with the limitations from which you suffer. Alternatively, the vocational expert could say that you can't perform this particular work, but the exertional level of your previous field is lower for employees that are in the national economy than the level you…Read More

  • Published: July 22, 2014

Disability lawyer in Ocala Knowing the Reasons For Your Testimony In A Social Security Disability Case A disability lawyer in Ocala will explain the reasons you are testifying in your hearing and what you're hoping to accomplish. A Disability Attorney In Ocala Will Tell You The Goals You Will Have When You Testify As your attorney is preparing you for the hearing, you will learn that your goals are to prove the following: 1) You are unable to do any job you've done over the previous 15 years. 2) You can't do any other job that is available in substantial numbers. When it comes to the first goal, your disability lawyer in Ocala will ask you to provide a description…Read More

  • Published: July 22, 2014

Disability lawyer in Ocala Advice For Testifying In A Social Security Disability Hearing When preparing to testify in a social security disability hearing, a disability lawyer in Ocala will provide a client with tips on giving effective testimony. Your Disability Attorney In Ocala Will Advise You Not To Rehearse And Explain Ambiguities Your testimony should not sound rehearsed, so it will be prepared for in a gradual way. The attorney will listen to what you're saying and will point out aspects that must be explained more deeply. It is possible that you will be sitting with your disability lawyer in Ocala for a half-hour or more. This might seem to contradict your statement that you can only sit for 15…Read More

  • Published: July 22, 2014

If necessary, your claim may need to proceed to federal court for appeal. Your Ocala Social Security disability lawyer will assess your claim to see if it is appropriate to move forward with appeal in the same way he would have assessed it for the original ALJ hearing. Evidence of Disability First, of course, it is important for the attorney to go through the sequential evaluation to determine whether or not would be found disabled if the case was remanded for a new ALJ hearing. If your claim would be unable to pass this test, it is unnecessary to move forward with appeal. ALJ Decision Your attorney will want to review the ALJ decision to establish which evidence supports it…Read More

  • Published: July 17, 2014

If your claim for Social Security disability benefits has been denied twice, you will have the option of appealing to the hearing stage. The thought of testifying in a hearing makes many claimants nervous, but don’t worry. Your Social Security disability lawyer in Ocala will help put you at ease before the hearing. Your attorney will usually arrange to meet with you a day or two before the hearing. He will want to discuss your disability and the relevant issues you will be expected to testify about so that you know what to expect. Your Social Security disability lawyer in Ocala will do what he can to help calm your nerves. You will be a much better effective witness if you…Read More

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