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Tips for a Controlling Doctor’s Opinion

  • Published: December 9, 2012

The Social Security Administration (SSA) gives considerable weight to the opinions and statements provided by a claimant’s treating physicians and other medical professionals involved in the claimant’s treatments.  Experienced Ocala disability lawyers will first make sure the doctors meet the standards established by the SSA and then will assist them in providing the detailed reports requested by the SSA.

The SSA’s Standards & Guidelines

 In order for the opinion to be controlling, the doctor needs to meet certain criteria established by the SSA.

  • The doctor must be properly licensed and provide medical opinions in his or her area of specialty.
  • The doctor must be the treating physician who has personally treated the claimant’s disability.
  • The SSA will look to see how often the doctor has treated the claimant and will review the files to make sure they are organized and in chronological order.
  • The doctor’s conclusions should be supported by laboratory findings and clinical testing results.

The Ocala Disability Lawyer’s Role

Good Ocala disability lawyers will assist doctors in producing statements that will be given the controlling weight they deserve. The attorney will help facilitate the doctor’s full cooperation in providing detailed notes and opinions, as well as any other information that is requested by the SSA.

We Can Help

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