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Understanding the Consultative Examination

  • Published: December 8, 2012

When the Social Security Administration (SSA) feels that there is insufficient evidence to substantiate your disability claim, the disability examiner will arrange for you to attend a consultative examination. The results of your consultative exam directly affect the outcome of your disability claim. Thus, it is imperative that you seek the guidance of an Ocala Social Security disability attorney prior to undergoing your exam.

You Must Attend Your Consultative Exam

The SSA requests consultative exams in an effort to obtain a medical opinion from an independent physician when the administration lacks sufficient evidence to determine the existence or severity of your disability. Therefore, your Ocala Social Security disability attorney will advise you to attend your examination in order to provide the SSA with the necessary details needed to make an informed decision.

Furthermore, examiners are empowered to deny disability claims based solely on the claimant’s failure to cooperate and undergo a consultative examination. There is no reason to make it so easy for the SSA to deny your claim based merely on the fact that you did not attend your consultative examination.

Reasons the SSA Requests a Consultative Exam

The SSA may request a consultative exam for several reasons, such as:

  • To gather more evidence
  • To obtain more detailed medical findings about your physical or medical impairment
  • To obtain technical or specialized medical information
  • To resolve conflicts or differences in the medical findings in your file

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